Driving Change In The Demand For Plastics

After much research, Mailshop has made the decision to opt for compostable alternatives to traditional and/or recyclable plastics. This is not to say we have opted for biodegradable either! Both 'Oxo degradable' and 'biodegradable' technologies have a high percentage of conventional plastic and disposing of plastics to break down into microplastics is not our answer.

With oceans and sea life being severely affected by plastics and China putting a stop to accepting recyclable plastics, it’s become apparent recycling is not a solution. Reducing the demand for plastic is the solution.

The real alternative is in compostable materials and we’re taking the long road, working really hard to reduce the demand for plastic. Just one initiative of this is the introduction of the compostable mailer bag.

Compostable is not a term that can be thrown about lightly, the certifications are such a key component of the Compostic mailer bags we use, they’re plastered all over them.

Mailer bags are only the beginning! Watch this space as we work toward minimising demand for plastics across the board.

Get in touch if you’d like to discuss how these can work with your next direct mail campaign or fulfilment project.