We offer mail house services that is designed for complete flexibility in order to suite the best outcome for your marketing campaign.

Direct Mail
Proudly New Zealand owned and operated, with 20 years experience in being NZ's premier direct mail house, we have both the machine processing capability and the custom assembly experience to deliver to all of our clients direct mail requirements.

Print Finishing
We have the inhouse resource to carry out a diverse range of finishing processes including: intelligent folding, perfing, collation and insertion, inkjet online, C4, C5 & DLE insertion, offline folding and insertion (A3 to DLE & crossfold), guillotining and die cutting. We also work with our network of industry-recognised finishing house specialists for any unique finishing requirements.

Film Wrap
We have extensive capacity in our film wrap and shrink wrapping area along with a range of options including seamless A6 to A3 sizes, coloured plastics, bio-degradable, recyclable, food safe and perforated wrap options. We also support environmentally friendly biodegradable wrap or we can offer other options to minimise the use of plastic

Custom assembly
Mailshop has an experienced team of people in our custom assembly department. They are very skilled with the complex requirements for processing direct mail. Our reputation in the industry for customised assembly is second to none. Processes include: spot gluing, double sided taping, corrugated wrapping, hand matching and verification, double pack verification, nesting, collation, pick and pack, hand folding and insertion, label application and so much more.

Handling & Dispatch 
We are also meticulous with our preparation for dispatch based on the specific channel requirements to market, including lodgment with New Zealand Post and DX Mail, along with preparation for unaddressed and courier channels