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Mail House Brief

- Data rules
- Set-up / variable rules for creative
- Paper stock GSM
- Finished Size
- Finishing requirements
- Lodgement date

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Data Processing

- Data team process data & create variable rules for print ready files.
- Provide an SOA
- PAF clean if required
- Proper case
- De-dupe if required
- Comprehensive data report supplied

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Set-ups / Data & Creative ‘Mailmerge’

- Design team pull variable data, match to corresponding creative.
- Set-up address carrier, permit no. & return address as per NZ Post guide lines


PDF Approval

- PDF ‘Lives’ sent for approval
- Check data, variable & creative are correct.
- Reply approved or with amends
- Any amends are applied & re-proofed for final approval.
- Once approved data & creative are ‘spooled’ & a physical proof is signed-off by your account manger.
- Physical proofs are available on request.

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- Sample pack of mailing approved account manager. (sample pack shots are available for client sign-off on request)
- Production manager oversees production
- Account manager works with production manager to ensure deadline is met for lodgement.
- Lodge 4:30pm Monday - Friday with NZ Post.



- Mailing trayed for NZ Post as per regulations
- NZ Post lodgement form completed and loaded onto NZ Post manifest system
- Lodge 4:00pm Mon - Fri with NZ Post
- NZ Post sort overnight for delivery to letter boxes 3 - 4 days from lodgement.