Direct Mail trends in 2018


It’s no secret that direct mail has rekindled a romance with marketers looking to stand out from competitors. We love working with clients that are willing to lead the way with exciting design methods, marketing technologies and mailing strategies which intertwine direct mail with their digital and offline efforts.

Here are six trends we've seen unfolding in 2018.

1.       Building direct mail into the buyer's journey

We predict the biggest trend in 2018 to be direct mail automation and the inclusion of direct mail in the buyer journey. By tagging web pages, you can trigger letters, cards or postcards at certain stages of the buyer’s journey. The key is to focus on the right imagery, content, messaging and calls to action for each step of the journey. Digital print technology is faster than ever and Mailshop automate much of the process, triggering direct mail sends to customers with an abandoned basket, new subscribers, first time buyers, frequent buyers and more.

2.       Story telling

Everyone loves a good story, so this is nothing new. However, as direct mail is built into the buyer’s journey, storytelling is a crucial aspect of direct mail pieces in 2018. Strong, relevant visual imagery combined with an aspect of brand narrative is compelling. This is different to the informational messaging one might be bombarded with online. This story is about your brand and the interaction of your customer with your brand.

3.       Minimalistic designs

The letter box is a far cry from the cluttered digital landscape. Many audiences look forward to a simple, honest message that is clear, relevant and to the point. Respect negative space and keep it authentic. We’re crushing on the ‘New Minimalism’ creative trend identified and described by Shutterstock here. Showing that minimalism can be bold and colourful in 2018 while still respecting clear space and fluid lines.

4.       Bold colour choices

There's a new world of possibility in digital print with our new Iridesse printer  featuring metallic, clear and WHITE inks. Bold colours and 80’s themed designs have made a huge comeback in the last few years and with the true metallic colour spectrum of the Iridesse, even the on trend holographic effect is achievable. Think bright colours when considering paper stocks to create a direct mail piece that stands out. Brands like Nutella are embracing strong colours in a big way.

5.       Fold in the experience

Getting creative with paper folds can create a fun mail piece that goes beyond touch by requiring people to interact with the piece. A fun creative concept can build a story and build curiosity as the user unfolds their way through the journey. Our Iridesse printer can produce banners up to a length of 1200mm 1 sided and 729mm double sided for major folding potential!

6.        Augmented Reality

Building further on the user experience, we see AR respond to consumers’ increasing demand for novel and emotionally engaging experiences in 2018. Additional content that is worthwhile, fun and easy to use is key to making this more than a gimmick.

Mailshop is New Zealand's first for Iridesse Printer

Iridesse Image.jpeg

Mailshop is New Zealand's first to acquire the highly anticipated Iridesse production press!  Fuji Xerox Singapore launched the wonder printer just last month. The Iridesse offers six-colour printing with both metallic clear and WHITE inks.  We are excited to be the first to apply this new colour technology to print campaigns from January 2018.

Streamline your subscriptions!

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Whether it’s glossy magazines, newsletters, welcome packs or an annual review, we have you covered.

We know your readers eagerly anticipate each issue, that’s why we provide a streamlined service to deliver your product to your customer on time, taking the admin and the updates off your hands and packing it nicely into our subscription service below.

Our subscription service is end-to-end. From ensuring your data is clean and up-to-date, to creating/updating letter templates, printing letters, flysheets and labels to plastic wrap or envelope inserting and lodging with NZ Post at the best possible rates.

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  • Personalised Laser Letter & Renewal Service
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  • Back Issue & Merchandise Service
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  • Lodgement with NZ Post
  • Secure Storage Facilities 

Trend - Snail mail

There is a growing trend for those who love and embrace simple aesthetics; a nostalgic throwback to uncomplicated times.

Good Magazine  words and photography by Naomi Bulger

Good Magazine words and photography by Naomi Bulger

For example simple food packaging of the classic milk bottle and branding of Lewis Road creamery. Popularity of clean Swedish style furnishings offered at mass by Ikea, the fashion trend ‘normcore’ embraced by today’s youth, and now gaining popularity at a mailbox near you is snail mail.

In the latest issue of Good Magazine there is a fantastic piece exploring this trend. Below are a few of my favourite extracts.

Letter-writing: the practice lives on

The next time you are at a dinner party and someone says the internet has killed the post, read them this list (and then remind them that video didn’t kill the radio star, either)

  • Strangers have sent close to one million postcards to the Post Secret art project, contributing to a website that generates more than three million views a month

  • Volunteers in the Snail Mail My Email project have written and decorated more than 29,000 creative letters on behalf of others, posting them around the world.

  • Penpal network Letter Writers Alliance has more than 11,000 paid members, and growing everyday.

  • Media surveys show the use of all four major social media apps (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter) is in decline across the board, internationally.

To read the full article pick up a copy of the July/August issue of Good magazine and for advice on sending a stripped back / handmade look, get in touch with us today. We can help with anything from design, paper choices and outer envelopes, through to the best postage rates.

Let's Get Personal! - Starting with Breakfast!

Direct Mail

Connect and gain loyalty with your customers through accurate data, creative personalised content and a strong call to action.

What they are saying!

  • According to Direct Mail Association, personalised direct mail campaigns have the potential to produce an increased ROI of between 300% and 1000%.
  • 94% of companies agree that personalisation ‘is critical to current and future success’ Market Data 2015.
  • Mail that is personally relevant to consumers creates the most value for advertisers, according to a report form Royal Mails’ Market Reach unit.

10 Tips to personalisation 

  1. Data accuracy
    Customers appreciate their personal information stated correctly. i.e names, addresses, purchase history and preferences.
  2. Personalise to preferences
    Cater to your customers preferences and interests.
  3.  Image personalisation
    Use imagery to relate to your customers preferences and interest.  A supermarket might target chocolate loving customers with a variety of indulgent dessert images or a car dealer could change out the license plate on an image of the latest car model to their customers name.
  4. Purchase and donation history information
    Include your customers information on past purchases or donations and make the effort to pre-empt an add on or complimentary product for a recent purchase.
  5. Include a strong call to action
    A physical coupon or voucher, limited time offer to buy or renew works particularly well in direct mail campaigns, the creative can be perforated for easy tear away. Give the opportunity to donate and ensure this can be done in the recipients preferred method of payment (online or by prepaid return envelope). 
  6. Customer segmentation
    Deliver a targeted, personalised marketing experience by location, age, interests and behaviors. The more tailored your data, the more likely you are to see a greater response rate.
  7. Personalised offers
    Send customers relevant offers based on their purchase history. Surprise and delight them with meaningful offers.
  8. Personalised URLs
    A great way to connect the offline and online worlds and deliver an effective integrated marketing experience. 
  9. Test and refine
    A benefit of printing digital! We can print various versions at small quantities to a number of subgroups. Monitor your responses and adjust for your next send until you have the right personalisation and sub-groups. 
  10. We only have eyes for you
    Give the impression that you are communicating with your customer and no one else. 
Mailshop Self Promotion Breakfast Box

Mailshop Self Promotion Breakfast Box

Mailshop, Double Winner at the 7th Annual Pixie Awards

We are super excited to announce Mailshop has placed first in two categories at the 7th Annual Fuji Xerox PIXI Awards. Winning both the 'Gold and Silver Print' Award and the 'Self Promotion' Award for Mailshop collateral; designed in-house by our creative team.

Using a variety of stock and experimenting with our gold and silver inks we have created collateral that is informative and inspiring for our clients. Perfect to refer to when in the creative process whether it be for a standard mailing or a standout piece.

Our previous and first win in 2012 was for the below self promotion Multi-piece Production Award designed by Andrew Gair. 

The annual PIXI awards recognise innovation and excellence in digital printing using Fuji Xerox solutions. With more than 250 entries in 2016, the 40 winning entries hailed from New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia and Japan.

See the full list of 2016 PIXI award winners here


Mailshop Fulfilment - Crazy about Clever Kash!

Over the last month we have had the privilege of preparing and dispatching these cuties for their new homes all over New Zealand.

Here’s how our dream team of specialised data, print and production staff did it!

  • Secure site
  • Data processing daily
  • Print of personalised letter & courier address labels daily
  • Scan matching personalised letter to courier address label
  • Hand checking personalised letter to courier address label
  • Hand pack Clever Kash into mailing bag with personalised letter, seal and apply courier label
  • Pack pallets and lodge in full with NZ Post daily
  • Process RTS (return to sender) daily
  • Process courier & delivery queries as received

Clever Kash is a great initiative by ASB bank to help young kiwis save and learn about money. If you would like to know more about how your child can meet Clever Kash, click here

AND If you would like to know how we can process your next fulfilment campaign - get in touch

Cutting through the clutter with Direct Mail!

Pick up the latest NZ Retail Magazine for an in-depth look into new trends in direct mail and why more and more retailers are heading back to the letterbox!

As well as other leading industry experts Mailshop's MD Deidre Ross shares some helpful insights.

While consumers’ inboxes are over crowded with different companies vying for their attention, there letterboxes are sitting empty. There is no clutter in my letterbox. I go to mine and there’s hardly anything in it these day’s, so if I get a personalised piece from a retailer, like a catalogue, I’ll bring it inside, go through it and share it with my daughters.
— Deidre Ross, MD Mailshop