NZ Post Update Pricing

An increase was applied to the following bulk mail prices as of 1 July 2017

  • VolumePost 1
  • VolumePost 3
  • Go Flexible
  • PrintPost, PrintPost Samples and PrintPost Weekly
  • Volume PreSort
  • Print PreSort
  • Adcard

Please let your account manager know of any questions you may have, you can also download a full rate card here

Mailshop Fulfilment - Crazy about Clever Kash!

Over the last month we have had the privilege of preparing and dispatching these cuties for their new homes all over New Zealand.

Here’s how our dream team of specialised data, print and production staff did it!

  • Secure site
  • Data processing daily
  • Print of personalised letter & courier address labels daily
  • Scan matching personalised letter to courier address label
  • Hand checking personalised letter to courier address label
  • Hand pack Clever Kash into mailing bag with personalised letter, seal and apply courier label
  • Pack pallets and lodge in full with NZ Post daily
  • Process RTS (return to sender) daily
  • Process courier & delivery queries as received

Clever Kash is a great initiative by ASB bank to help young kiwis save and learn about money. If you would like to know more about how your child can meet Clever Kash, click here

AND If you would like to know how we can process your next fulfilment campaign - get in touch

Cutting through the clutter with Direct Mail!

Pick up the latest NZ Retail Magazine for an in-depth look into new trends in direct mail and why more and more retailers are heading back to the letterbox!

As well as other leading industry experts Mailshop's MD Deidre Ross shares some helpful insights.

While consumers’ inboxes are over crowded with different companies vying for their attention, there letterboxes are sitting empty. There is no clutter in my letterbox. I go to mine and there’s hardly anything in it these day’s, so if I get a personalised piece from a retailer, like a catalogue, I’ll bring it inside, go through it and share it with my daughters.
— Deidre Ross, MD Mailshop