Get Your Brand Into Your Customer's Hands 

From products to samples and creative direct mail, Mailshop is the trusted partner for delivering your brand's message and increasing customer engagement. Our client portfolio includes some of New Zealand's most reputable brands. 

Direct Mail  3PL / Logistics


Exceptional Customer Satisfaction Is Our Focus

Family owned & operated, you could say we've got more skin in the game than most! Our level of care and attention to detail is backed by over 30 years industry experience.

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What We Can Do For You

Direct Marketing

Craft seamless, omni-channel communications with direct mail, email, and SMS. 

eCommerce 3PL & Order Fulfilment

Deliver a shopping experience that customers come back for!

B2B/Wholesale 3PL & Order Fulfilment

Integrated warehousing, distribution and fulfilment for large orders.

Digital  Expertise

We build smart websites & digital platforms for unique campaigns.

Why Mailshop?

NZ's Most Trusted Brands Trust Us

Delivering your products, samples or direct marketing campaigns to the hands of your audience involves a lot of trust. We understand that this is a moment that matters. Your customer holding your brand in their hands

From the accuracy of the data and correct contents of the package, to the materials used, and even the positioning of the address label (straight, not slapped on). Details matter! 

Our experienced Account Managers and production team ensure your success is our priority. 

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