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Helping Marketers & business leaders engage with customers via direct mail. We combine intelligent data programming, effective design and outstanding digital printing to capture your audience

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Engage Your Audience of One

We combine intelligent data programming, effective design and outstanding digital printing to personalise every message and image. That's the magic of direct mail. Make it feel one to one.

Mailshop rapidly creates personalised self mailers, overprinted envelopes and eye catching pieces to engage your audience of one. 

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Direct Mail NZ

We take great pride in being a New Zealand owned and operated family company with over 30 years experience as a premier mail house in NZ. Our top-of-the-line machine processing capabilities and custom assembly expertise ensure that all your mailing requirements are met with efficiency and precision.

Sending bulk mail in NZ can be a complex process, which is why it's important to partner with a mailing house that can handle the intricacies of data processing and meet NZ Post accuracy requirements. This expertise is what sets us apart from ordinary printers and ultimately impacts your return on investment. Trust us to handle your direct mail campaign, and we'll deliver results that exceed your expectations.



Other Direct Mail Services 

We are experts in customised data solutions.

Data Preparation, Processing and Management:

  • Secure data transfer protocols
  • Data prep and management for postal and courier channels, SMS and email
  • Data accuracy updates against NZ Post bulk mail delivery zones
  • Track and trace integrations, uploads and management
  • Custom reporting
  • Data entry, storage and maintenance
  • Australian Post direct entry
  • Online Manifesting (lodgement direct with NZ Post)

Let's bring ideas to life! We collaborate with you to create an engaging, tangible experience for your customers. Our DM experience ensures that designs maximise creativity but are logistically smart. That's how we achieve bulk rate discounts for our clients.

The thing that excites us is producing unique and creative work for our clients – work that’s a bit different, work that grabs people’s attention and cuts through the information clutter, work that reinforces the value of their brand and work that gets results.

Let’s breathe creative fire into your next campaign:

  • Inner Creative - Letter / Postcard / Flyer / Brochure / Booklet

  • Outer Creative - Envelope / Plastic Wrap / Labels / Packaging

  • POS

  • EDM (Electronic Direct Mail)

  • Brand Collateral

  • Stationery

Direct mail can play a key role in bolstering the omni channel experience by providing an additional touchpoint for your customers. By integrating direct mail into your marketing mix, you can reach customers who may not be engaging with your brand through other channels like email or social media.

For example, a direct mail piece could include a personalized URL (PURL) that takes the recipient to a landing page designed specifically for them. This landing page could feature products or services related to their previous purchases or browsing history, creating a seamless and personalized experience that builds brand loyalty.

Direct mail can also be used to drive traffic to your brick-and-mortar store or to promote a special event or sale. By combining direct mail with other channels like email and social media, you can create a cohesive and impactful marketing campaign that reaches your customers wherever they are.

Seamlessly integrate online, SMS and email into direct marketing campaigns. Mailshop provides the expertise and reporting every step of the way.


  • Event-based email triggers

  • Comprehensive segmentation and targeting

  • Bounce management

  • Permission management

  • Simple interface where you can view and update customer information

  • View campaign and customer interaction history

  • Custom database models and custom fields

  • Collect and analyse behavioural data

  • Dynamic list management

  • Flexible integration options including API web services

  • Secure back up

Mobile Marketing
Extend your marketing message to mobile

  • One click personalisation & dynamic content

  • Support for NZ, Australia and International networks

  • Two-way interactive messaging

  • Scheduled and triggered communications

  • Integrated permission management

Mailshop provide quick to market online activations like Personalised URL’s and bespoke microsites that allow your campaign to extend to an online landing page, allowing a seamless brand experience at every touch point in your campaign. 

If you’re looking for further ideas in tracking your direct mail results, talk to our team early on in the planning phase so we can assist you in incorporating any of the following result tracking methods: Personalised URL's, Campaign Specific URL's, Campaign Specific Phone Number, QR Codes

We have the in-house resource to carry out a diverse range of finishing processes including: intelligent folding, perfing, collation and insertion, inkjet online insertion, offline folding and insertion (A3 to DLE & crossfold), guillotining and die cutting. We also work with our network of industry-recognised finishing house specialists for any unique finishing requirements.

Processes include: spot gluing, double sided taping, corrugated wrapping, hand matching and verification, double pack verification, nesting, collation, pick and pack, hand folding and insertion, label application and so much more.

We are also meticulous with our preparation for dispatch based on the specific channel requirements to market, including lodgement with NZ Post and DX Mail, along with preparation for unaddressed, courier and international channels. Our team know NZ Post rates inside out and how to attract the highest bulk mailing discounts.

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